The Government of Pedro Sánchez has turned the pardon, which is “a prerogative that has a clear purpose, which is to correct imbalances between criminal law and justice”, into “one more political instrument” to “serve its parliamentary partners » or to «serve their ideological ends and media campaigns». That is the opinion of the national leadership of the PP, for which the pardon of María Sevilla, president of Infancia Libre, convicted of kidnapping her son and who has not shown repentance, is “a shame.”

“Pardoning people who have had children held irregularly, without schooling and with false accusations involved,” is “a disservice to our rule of law and the separation of powers.” This is confirmed by the last internal argument of the PP, which EL MUNDO has accessed.

The popular thus undertake a political offensive that also requires the appearance of three ministers: Justice (Pilar Llop), Equality (Irene Montero) and the one with the powers of Children (Ione Belarra). He asks the three for legal and political explanations about the pardon.

On May 25, the Government published in the Official State Gazette the pardon of Seville, sentenced to two and a half years in prison and four years of loss of parental authority after having separated her 11-year-old son from his father between 2017 and 2019. Thanks to the pardon with which the sentence goes from two and a half years to only two, the woman should not return to prison.

In this way, Seville, which has publicly repeated that it would do it again (“to defend my son”), can continue to see its offspring, whom it confined to a farm in Cuenca where it only allowed it to go out on the air half an hour a day, to avoid being discovered. In addition, Sevilla had indoctrinated her son, in her flight, in the evangelical faith, and when the police arrested her, the child repeated that his father was “the devil,” according to police sources.

“This use” of the pardon “is not reasonable from the point of view of politics or law,” the popular ones put forward in their argument.

The Minister of Equality has assured that with this pardon a debt has been paid with “protective mothers”, who, in her opinion, the only thing they have done is “defend their children from their parents”. For the PP, this denotes that we are facing “a political battle.” “Minister Montero says that the protective mother must be protected and then she is pardoned based on the criteria of a minister,” sources from Genoa complain. That is, “the minister says that if the law is wrong in her opinion, it is not applied,” they add. For Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s team, “now the Council of Ministers is a judicial body that removes sentences.”

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