A hidden Uncle Ben Easter egg May Be at the Snyder Cut

1 special hidden detail, however, is very surprising — there is apparently an Uncle Ben mention in the Snyder Cut.

Comic Book reported about the nod, and it has been seen by lots of lovers on Twitter, also. When Superman comes back from the dead and temporarily fights together with the League in Heroes Park, in one stage Flash ends up knocked to a memorial wall of titles, there to commemorate those who perished in General Zod’s assault on Metropolis at Man of Steel. From the theatrical cut of Justice League, we did not get to see some of these titles — but at the Snyder Cut, Ben Parker is certainly inscribed on the memorial. The title could be understood at about two hours and 37 minutes into the film.

It is his departure that is a massive variable to turning Peter Parker into the protagonist we all know and appreciate, as noticed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s incarnations of these characters. From the MCU, however, Uncle Ben was absent, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark has been the Primary coach to Tom Holland’s Spidey.

Whether the Ben Parker mention is on purpose or not, it is a hint to how tightly fans are assessing the film — and for fairly good reason, since there are loads of facts to pour . It is possible this mention was casual, or even the title of somebody who worked on the film (though there’s no Ben Parker about the Snyder Cut’s IMDb page), but in any event, it is still a trendy detail.

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