Developer Starbreeze has procured $50m in funding to get the match online

Within an statement now, acting CEO Tobias Sjögren reported the partnership ensured the continued evolution of the sport, in addition to the publishing and advertising expenses,” and signifies that Starbreeze”currently includes a solid basis for a successful launching of Payday 3″

That launch is currently set for 2023, with Payday 3 slated to launch on PC and consoles. Starbreeze is currently pushing the”‘games as a service’ model” because of its heist-based sequel, telling players who”added functionalities and content [is] intended for long past the release date”

The $50 million investment is very likely to demonstrate the conclusion of Starbreeze’s financial woes, and be certain that the growth of Payday 3 has on the line. In 2019, the organization’s then-CEO, Mikael Nermark, disclosed the company was facing insolvency, and may not last a second year without further funding. Fortunately, Starbreeze remains kicking – probably buoyed by the continuing sales success of # two, that has been responsible for 95 percent of its programmers’ 2020 earnings (based on

The new launch date is your first upgrade which Payday players have experienced since October 2020, when Starbreeze verified that Payday 3 was undoubtedly in development working with the Unreal Engine, but was nevertheless at the design phase using the as-yet undecided release date.


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