Darkest Dungeon 2—one part Oregon Trail, one part Hell simulator—hits Early Access on October 26. We knew Darkest Dungeon 2 was almost ready when Red Hook announced the release date last month, but now we can feel it, thanks to the trailer above. Or feel something, anyway. Is this… dread?

In fitting Darkest Dungeon fashion, the launch trailer wraps up with a montage of enemies stabbing, poisoning, burning, and re-stabbing your poor party of adventurers as they go along their journey. It’s an accurate depiction of what a road trip would look like if someone got stabbed every time they asked “Are we there yet?” I guess.

I got an early look at Darkest Dungeon 2 this spring, and you can read all about the changes Red Hook has made with the sequel. It’s a roguelike now, which is a big departure from the original game’s dungeon crawling, and combat has been reworked quite a bit as well. But the core spirit is still there: at the worst possible moment, you can count on one of your adventurers’ personality quirks to absolutely ruin your day.



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