Tonight is the official launch of the new outfits and accessories collection.

Fortnite’s newest crossover is with Dune Denis Villeneuve, Denis Villeneuve’s big-screen version of Frank Herbert’s epic scifi novel. Sting won’t be found in a diaper among the many new cosmetics. But you’ll get a glimpse at what I think is the most hilarious-looking sandworm I’ve ever seen.

The Shai-Hulud is the dreadful:

Fortnite is not known for its note-for–note adaptations of other properties. This fact might have been picked up while you were watching Paul Atreides Muad’Dib the last Duke of House Atreides and Madhi the Fremen, throw hands with a bipedal unicorn armed only with a large spoonful Froot Loops. Although the stillsuits are well-designed, this is more Fornite than Frank.

Here’s what’s hot:




  • Paul Atreides Outfit – Beyond fear, his destiny is waiting. (Comes with an Alt Masked Style).
  • Chani Outfit – A skilled survivalist and Fremen warrior.

Unfortunately, this look is not possible, as I stated. This, I believe, is a missed opportunity.


  • Ornithopter Glider Multi-winged attack vessel
  • Fremkit back Bling is essential for survival in the harsh desert worlds of Dune.
  • Chani’s Satchel Back Bling – Chani’s personal Fremkit.
  • Sandwalk Emote – Walk like Arrakis natives.
  • Twinblades Pickaxe – The weapon of choice for Atreides warriors.
  • Maker Hooks Grabaxe: This Fremen hook is used to ride sandworms.

The following items will go live on October 19 at 8 PM ET. They will be available in either a single or two bundles: the Dune Bundle which includes both outfits and back blings, as well as the Stickworm Loading screen, and the Dune Gear Bundle that includes the Maker Hooks Pickaxe and Twinblades Pickaxes, Ornithopter Glider, Sand Walk Emote, and the Sand Walk Emote. has all the details.


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