Hu Tao is your spooky 77th manager of this Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, presiding over all types of funeral services in Liyue, and she is coming to Genshin Impact soon. Hu Tao is a polearm wielder and pyro component, so she will probably take over a spot in your team that is now being filled by Diluc or Xiangling. Obviously, that is if you are fortunate enough to get her out of the gacha. Hu Tao has a cute little ghost company that syncs and synergizes with her core mechanics, which appear to hinge around self-injury for enormous damage promotes. Do not worry, Hu Tao can cure herself through regeneration with her skillset as well. Before we dial down to particulars, check out Hu Tao’s teaser trailer below!

To dig a little deeper, Hu Tao includes a suite of skills designed to push out big burst damage. Hu Tao can exchange HP for huge assault bonus that converts into fire damage, suitable for triggering untoward consequences on your enemies and priming them for a combination attack from a different character. While Hu Tao is in this nation, charged strikes activate plasma Blossom, which is a fire damage-over-time impact on competitions that get struck.

Spirit Soother commands her phantom spirit to perform incredible fire damage in a giant area-of-effect, and in addition, it heals Hu Tao. In battle, it appears like Hu Tao will take on some risk by minding her HP pool to receive a ton of energy, go in for heavy fire damage, and then unleash hell with Spirit Soother so as to regain the wagered hit points and annihilate everything on the display concurrently. This sounds pretty fun, to tell the truth.

One of the other latest character releases was Xiao, also a polearm weapon consumer, but in the Anemo (wind) school. Hu Tao somehow appears even cooler than Xiao, but everything depends on what your heart party makeup looks like and in case you have room to get a new pyro character. And of course, it will probably depend on whether or not your primogem stash is stuffed enough for yourself a Hu Tao whenever her banner drops.

While we do not have a timeframe for Hu Tao’s release at the moment, it stands to reason that she’ll probably be featured at the upcoming major character bannerads. It is a little early to say good Hu Tao will work in most classes, but I like fire and ghosts so that I’ll probably dump a lot of primogems trying to get a copy. Her constellations are most likely going to be the make or break decision for me… If she is a character that may get by on little or no constellation support (obtained by getting multiple copies of a personality ) then I will definitely try to get one. If she’s among the characters that doesn’t excel till they have a great deal of constellation points, then I will probably exercise some restraint and wait to see who is coming . Hopefully a Dendro personality!

If you don’t have any idea what Genshin Effect is or exactly what all the fuss is about, I suggest checking out my critique here.


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