Warzone hasn’t seemed so yummy

A Call of Duty: Warzone participant has turned into a baguette to a functioning controller for the sport.

YouTuber Rudeism, who’s famous for their unorthodox approach to custom controls, uploaded a play clip into the Warzone subreddit, stating they had turned into a baguette into a movement control simply to play with the battle royale. In that clip, which you can view below, Rudeism is holding his high tech bread merchandise up as though it were a gun. In-game, he parachutes on a roof, shooting fire from a nearby participant, before scrambling to discover a weapon.

Following that rocky start, however, Rudeism handles to have the drop on this first competitor, picking them off with astonishing precision, before carrying a successful bite from their control.

Further down the ribbon, the streamer clarifies they kitted the baguette outside using a small number of buttons, a gyroscope for planning, and also an Arduino – an open minded electronic equipment platform – to make their control. It seems like it is not an ideal creation – Rudeism states it”kinda works” but”needed some electric take to keep it together after a while” – but”it held up fairly well after 8 or so hours of gambling.”


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