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A brand new Valheim mod allows you tame trolls, skeletons, and essentially any monster you please, as a result of its’AllTameable’ mod out of NexusMods consumer Buzz.

The fantastic thing is you can control an army of trolls and, presumably, completely ruin any enemies that stand in your way, such as directors. When you believe one Valheim participant managed to not only beat, but frankly humiliate, the last boss by sicking a bunch of 50 wolves in it, the chance for electricity this is fairly infinite.

Regrettably, this means we should also contend with infant trolls, which can be something now you can breed using the most recent edition of Buzz’ mod. I find pretty much anything in baby form cute, even those bizarre monkeys using the enormous pendulous noses, but infant trolls were not intended to happen. It is like any kind of science experiment gone horribly, unscrupulously erroneous.

Technically, you can not tame anything only yet. Since Kotaku points outside, fish, deer, and a blessed few different animals continue to be off the desk, but nearly all of Valheim’s fauna is yours for the domesticating.

Only trap whatever bad, unsuspecting thing unfortunate enough to cross your trail, nourish it as you want a boar or wolf, and observe its liberty gradually escape from its grip. Or twist all that and play a few pachinko such as this particular creative, and much more ethically sound Valheim player.


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