New Dragon Age 4 concept art was shown and while it’s not a brand new trailer like we had been hoping, it’s giving us a major hat envy with this sleek Tevinter style.

BioWare executive producer Christian Dailey recently took to Twitter to share some new concept art for Dragon Age fans to feast their eyes on. With well wishes for a great weekend, Dailey shared our Most Recent look at the upcoming adventure in Thedas, showing off a stylish top notch Teventinter mage sporting a serious head style:

Since The Game Awards gave us a nifty trailer to relish , filled with much more art and our first appearance at Tevinter’s high-society landscapes and a glimpse at those pesky Antivan Crows, fans have been eager to learn more about what’s next – particularly regarding a certain egghead named Solas. With Nevarra, Antiva, and Tevinter all around the horizon, Dragon Age 4 will probably be taking fans to the corners of Thedas previously unexplored yet heavily spoken about. We might even find the hidden depths of Nevarra with a potential Mortalitassi companion, something we explored detailed with our previous coverage here.

With the novels (notably the anthology Tevinter Nights) and comics (most recently with Blue Wraith) pairing attractively with the finish of the Tresspasser DLC in Dragon Age Inquisition, we have known the next step for your Thedas tale is place in Tevinter along with the surrounding areas for awhile today. BioWare also formerly affirmed this earlier this season, making the following step for your Dragon Age franchise an exciting one. We’ve learned so much about Nevarra, Antiva, and Tevinter through the matches, but we’ve never really been in a position to move there (in-game, we were able to be part of Cassandra’s adventure in Nevarra together with the Dragon Age animated movie, beginning of the Seeker).

The anthology book with Tevinter Nights also gave us a closer look in the high society of Tevinter (alongside the prior comics), for example, yield of Inquisition’s Dorian Pavus. It was in his short story we learned more about the high-class mages fighting for change and the way they interact with one another when back in the territory of Tevinter itself.

Considering this concept artwork, it’s possible she may be among those characters introduced in the anthology, or something else completely. I am just hoping she’s a love alternative, since pwoar.

What do you consider the hottest Dragon Age 4 concept art tease? Interested in learning some of our theories about the next game? Check out our in-depth breakdown of red lyrium here, such as how we believe Solas had the purpose combined of corruption that is self.


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