A 14-year-old girl was beaten and stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend of the same age in the town of Clessé, about 15 kilometers from Mâcon in eastern France, French authorities said.

The event has shocked France both because of the young age of the victim and the aggressor.

The General Prosecutor of Mâcon, Éric Jallet, explained that the two had had a sentimental relationship, which had suffered several ups and downs in recent months.

In the first interrogation carried out on the young man, he acknowledged the facts for which he has remained in police custody and has been charged with premeditated murder. For these charges, he could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

The body was found by a neighbor around 6:40 local time, near the Clessé Town Hall. Alarmed to see a knife stuck in the neck of the minor, the woman called the medical services, who confirmed the death of the teenager.

According to the Attorney General, the girl also had blows and stab wounds to her torso, shoulders, face and neck.

The suspect was arrested this morning at the school he attends and had scratches on his hands. He had no criminal record, although he did appear in his file to have been subjected to mistreatment by his father.

A similar event that occurred in 2021 also shocked French public opinion, when a boy and a girl, both 15 years old, were charged with killing their 14-year-old classmate by throwing them into the Seine River, allegedly due to a history of jealousy.

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