“We’ve done a lot of things together, but as of right now the best is yet to come.” Yolanda Díaz is already publicly reaching out to Íñigo Errejón to “walk together” in their new political journey, which will start after the electoral celebration in Andalusia, where this Sunday both have supported the candidate for Por Andalucía, Inma Nieto, and have called mobilization as a decisive factor for the results of the Andalusian left.

The weekend of the second vice president in the 19-J campaign, in which she took two mass baths, has notably accelerated the communicative dynamics of her plans. This Saturday, in Córdoba, she assured for the first time that she was willing to take a step forward to “win Spain”; Now, the leader of United We Can in the Government confirms her closeness to Íñigo Errejón, highlights the potential that the purple project had when everyone was rowing in the same direction and predicts a relaunch of the space to the left of the PSOE if they join forces again.

Díaz and Errejón have coincided in a campaign event in Malaga in which no national leader of Podemos has participated, as it happened this Saturday in Córdoba, where the second vice president exhibited harmony with Ione Belarra. This Sunday, however, the snapshot of the hug took place with the leader of Más País, who praised Díaz’s “calm perseverance” and excitedly introduced the speech of the also Labor Minister, who asks for “hope” despite the forecasts of the polls to achieve “a free, green and luminous Andalusia”.

“We need much more of that spirit”, considered Errejón, who believes that at a time when “what screams the most, noise and superficiality, is fashionable”, the figure of Díaz becomes essential in the national political scene , a profile very similar to that of Nieto or Esperanza Gómez, the leader of Más País in Andalusia. In fact, Errejón has predicted that “Andalusia may be the beginning of a political cycle of hope” that spreads throughout Spain.

A process in which Díaz should be the leader, according to the leader of the United Left Toni Valero and later Inma Nieto herself, who thanked Díaz and Errejón for having “supported” the candidacy. “Each day that passes is a day that we are closer to seeing her as the first president of the Government of Spain,” she celebrated, while stressing the need to achieve a high electoral turnout next Sunday to curb the right. “We have a duty to win. Let’s go.”

The unit sealed this Sunday between Yolanda Díaz and Íñigo Errejón has also been applauded by Pablo Iglesias 230 kilometers away. The former purple leader has presented this Sunday in San Fernando (Cádiz) his latest book, supported by the leadership of the party in Andalusia and various national leaders of the formation.

Iglesias, during his speech, has transferred his support to Por Andalucía and to the protagonists who led the act in Malaga, both to Inma Nieto and to Yolanda Díaz or Íñigo Errejón.

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