Bungie confirmed earlier today that Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been pushed back until 2022. It is possible to read the informative article concerning this right here together with our previous coverage, but the staff also verified when players can eventually expect transmog as well as changes expected for how rewards operate in-game.

Together with her return comes the ability to eventually’think Destiny 2 but make it style’ with the ability to transmogrify those”lewks.”

Currently, players can go to the in-game Collections tab to change up how their Guardian appears by reacquiring certain gear and some other unlocked shaders, but it is still pretty limited. Additionally, there are ornaments that may change how certain items look, but again; restricted. Together with the newly implemented transmog system, called Armor Synthesis, arriving with Season 14, gamers will have the ability to choose any armor that they have in their Collections and turn it into a worldwide decoration without any constraints.

“Every season Ada provides players a set of bounties that highlight various activity types,” explains the most recent blog post. “Players can complete these quests and receive the materials they have to power up Ada’s Loom, which can turn any piece of armor in your collection to a permanent universal decoration. Players short on time may also be able to buy Synthesis tokens for Silver.”

Once players acquire a few new universal decorations, Bungie states they will then want to go over to the brand new appearance screen, which are available in the character menu. It will be here that Guardians can alter all their equipment’s aesthetic in one handy location, no matter the gear type, either individually or in one grand sweep. Bungie is also changing shaders to be permanent unlocks so they won’t have to hold onto stacks in the stock, which makes it even easier to customize how armor and weapons seem.

Also coming down the horizon: changes to the rewards system. Season 11 introduced infusion caps to maintain”gear fresh.” What it did in reality, nevertheless, is players to no end. You know how much time it took me to get Randy’s Throwing Knife and Masterwork just for this to be considered null due to a power cap? TOO LONG, dear reader. While the goal behind that change stays the same, Bungie comprehends that the implementation was”way off the mark.”

“We’ve made the decision that any armor or weapon that can currently be infused into maximum Power will be able to achieve max Power permanently. Starting in Season 14 we won’t be capping the extract on any armor or weapons that haven’t already attained the cap at the beginning of Season 13. This usually means you’ll have the ability to shoot your Trustee, your Falling Guillotine, and each of the high-stat armor you’ve earned this year to take on the raid at The Witch Queen”

The studio is looking into different ways to enhance the game’s meta, though specific alterations on a grander scale will not be declared in the immediate future, particularly regarding The Witch Queen. That being said, Bungie promises it won’t be capping any of its weapons, but because of that”we need to consider more factors from the sport balance of our forthcoming seasons and releases, so expect to see tuning when it comes to our most important outliers at PVP and PVE.

This is a massive shift for the sport and one which can either go directly or so very, very wrong.

To research on what else is coming to Destiny two, such as crossplay, you can check out the full blog post right here.


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