It is a frequent truism which Paradox games don’t get good until they’re a few expansions deep. But if you’re not certain which of Crusader Kings two ‘s many DLCs are worth maintaining, Paradox will now let you try the lot for a modest monthly subscription.

CK2 has acquired a healthy number of post-launch support since 2012, with 13 major expansions and dozens more components, portraits, music packs and filling out the game’s store page–a complete $310.70/232.50 of additional stuff.

“With so much extra content available, the price for new Crusader Kings II players can appear intimidating or prohibitive. This is a reasonable way for gamers to go through the total Crusader Kings II catalog without having to weigh which items they would prefer to purchase.”

Available on Steam for 4/$5 a month, subscribers will immediately have access to every piece of published CK2 content. Quit paying, and you’re going to lose access to everything but the base game, which has been free-to-play because October 2019.

Paradox says it’s looking to bringing a comparable subscription for the other games in future. DLC will still be present to purchase for keeps full-price, but that does seem a handy choice for individuals paralyzed by the excess of DLC the studio’s matches acquire. Putting down a fiver to see which ones you like doesn’t sound half-bad.


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