Final Fantasy VII Remake was among the greatest RPGs of all 2020, and Square Enix is building on this success by releasing a brand new episode including Yuffie — among those party members in the 1997 first who didn’t appear in last season’s match. And if you are eager to find out what Yuffie can do, then you won’t need to wait.

The new content is part of this PS5-enhanced variant of the sport , known as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. As shown through PlayStation’s State of Play occasion, the entire bundle releases this summer on June 10. As per a Square Enix press launch, Intergrade”comes bundled with the brand-new episode including Yuffie as the major character, which presents an exciting new narrative arc along with numerous gameplay improvements for gamers to enjoy.”

Square Enix is offering a free update to the PS5 variant for owners of the first, but there is a catch there: Although it’s possible to experience all the performance improvements that way, users that upgrade from PS4 to PS5 nevertheless will need to obtain the brand new Yuffie content individually. But if you are purchasing the game for the very first time together with Intergrade on PS5, the Yuffie incident is contained as part of this bundle.

But when you have not played the first Final Fantasy VII, then all you have to understand is that Yuffie is a lively ninja warrior out of Wutai, and she’s an unstoppable urge to get materia — the coloured orbs that provide Cloud and his buddies magical skills.

To get a clearer notion of exactly what Yuffie’s experience involves, it is possible to watch the complete preview above. It’s all kinds of fascinating info and nods, such as Yuffie sporting a cute Moogle cape and staying only barely out of sight of recognizable heroes such as Tifa and Barrett.

The brand new episode also offers a new companion called Sonon who fights alongside Yuffie. The trailer reveals them fighting a massive mechanical monster, as Yuffie performs acrobatic leaps and fashionable strikes with her own blade. Although the recognizable Sector 7 slums appear into the setting for part of this match, fans can rely on new story beats, supervisors, and places to explore.

“In this brand new experience, play as ninja Yuffie Kisaragi because she infiltrates the dark Shinra Corporation to sneak a strong materia and restore glory to her homeland,” according to this media release. While Square Enix is not entirely tipping its hand in terms of what to expect from the brand new stale, we’ll definitely learn more as its June 10 launch approaches.

What are your ideas about this new growth to Final Fantasy VII Remake? Are you eager to play with it? Were you expecting Yuffie’s enormous entrance would be at the upcoming complete game instead?


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