If you thought the one-two punch announcement of Final Fantasy VII coming to PS5 and its own Yuffie-focused articles was the new stuff you were getting from the string, think again! Square Enix took to Twitter directly after State of Play wrapped up to announce not one but 2 distinct Final Fantasy VII related names for mobile devices.

It’s a battle royale (you read that right) set in Midgar before the events of this game, in which you command a candidate for Soldier and combat millions of other players. Players use a combination of third-person melee, gunplay, spellcasting, and even summons to carry out opposing players and be the previous Soldier standing. Besides other human players, it looks like you face off from A.I. enemies as well. The game launches later this season for iOS and Android.

Next up is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, a single-player title that unites the whole FFVII story into a chapter-based adventure. When I say the entire narrative, I suggest the first game and its compilation titles: Advent Children, Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, and Crisis Core. It will also feature new story elements surrounding the roots of Soldier composed by Final Fantasy VII Remake narrative and scenario writer, Kazushige Nojima.

The chibi-like character versions and demonstration look as though the first 1997 game was remastered for a handheld and actually has a charm to it. Meanwhile, the battle looks Remake’s but looks more inactive, akin to a traditional turn-based style. The match’s press release does not make it obvious if you’re really playing every FFVII story like a traditional RPG. If so, then that is 1 monster of a mobile game, along with the trailer certainly looks like that. I would imagine it is more of an abridged take, but who knows? We’ll find out when Ever Crisis comes to iOS and Android in 2022.

I guess that is exactly what Square meant when it registered those trademarks a few months ago. All these are certainly surprises and both games have the capacity to be enjoyable. While it’s not exactly the Crisis Core picture I believe many fans hoped for (that could happen!) , there’s no way I am not giving these matches a chance as a major fan of Final Fantasy VII.

What do you make of both of these games? Let us know in the comments.


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