Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was a beloved cult classic by the first PlayStation generation, and while that match received a couple of sequels, founder Lorne Lanning says that those names didn’t really captures his first vision for the series. Fortunately, Lanning is getting another bite at the apple with Soulstorm, a real sequel to Oddysee, which is set to launch in a matter of weeks.

In Soulstorm, players reprise the role of Abe, a strange-looking Mudokon slave who escaped RuptureFarms’ meat processing factory and helped liberate his fellow workers. Abe grows to be a leader of this rebellion, and Soulstorm follows his continued experiences.

In this 2.5D action platformer, players lead Abe as he combines his fellow Mudokon’s and sneaks past — or differently does struggle — the evil Glukkons. Over the course of this game, you are able to rescue over 1,000 companions, who assist you solve puzzles and navigate battle sequences. Should you wish, you can complete the game for a pacifist or a representative of chaos. The PS5 version even uses this Sony’s DualSense controls, allowing you to feel Abe’s heartbeat during tense situations.

We loved the movie of the very first match, Oddworld: New’n’ Tasty! , which published in 2014, and this looks like a worthy followup. Luckily, we won’t need to wait a lot longer. Oddworld: Soulstorm is set for release on April 6, and PlayStation Plus subscribers will find a free upgrade to the PS5 variant.


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