A missile hit a shopping center in Kremenchuk, in central Ukraine, on Monday, causing civilian casualties, in an “impossible to imagine” number, Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski reported.

“The shopping center is on fire, firefighters are trying to extinguish the fire, the number of victims is impossible to imagine,” Zelensky added on Telegram. The local mayor, Vitaliy Meletskiy, added for his part on Facebook that the mall was a “very busy” place.

Ukrainian authorities have confirmed at least 10 dead so far and 40 injured.

“The occupants fired a missile at a shopping center where more than a thousand civilians were. The shopping center is on fire and rescue teams are fighting the fire. The number of victims is impossible to imagine,” said regional governor Dmytro. Lunin on Telegram.

The Ukrainian president assured that the shopping center did not pose “danger” for the Russian Army nor did it have “any strategic value”. “It is just an attempt by people to live a normal life, which makes the occupiers very angry. Russia continues to attribute its helplessness to ordinary citizens. It is useless to expect adequacy and humanity from them,” Zelensky added.

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