The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, made his debut this Tuesday in the format of the State of the Nation Debate announcing that, if he ever becomes part of the Government, he will repeal all “extremist legislative crap” approved by the PSOE-Unidas Podemos coalition . Dressed in his costume as the only national party leader who comes face to face with Pedro Sánchez, he has asked the chief executive to resign and has applauded ironically that both share sensitivities in immigration policy.

“I am pleased to have heard for the first time a clear denunciation of the immigration mafias, I think it was about time,” he quipped in reference to the president’s defense of Morocco’s actions against the assault on the Melilla fence in the past and that ended with 37 dead immigrants. However, the leader of Vox has reproached him that “he needs to understand that these mafias precisely operate with the collaboration of Spanish NGOs, the same ones that you water with subsidies. These mafias would not exist if Spain sent a clear message to all of Africa that whoever enters illegally will be returned and will never be able to regularize their situation here or receive social aid. And it is that we must end this pull effect that all of you perpetuate, because it is the best advertisement for the mafias that traffic in human beings”, has said the leader of the radical right-wing formation, reminding the President of the Government that, “despite so many photos with NATO leaders, he has been unable to protect” the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

Pedro Sánchez has avoided a melee with Vox on immigration and has waited for his reply to United We Can to return to the subject. Although he has insisted that “the real culprits are the mafias”, he has “regretted” his words in June. “I made them without knowing the images”, he justified, and delved into the complexity of immigration policy to resolve that “we have to recognize that the Government is doing enormously good things for immigration in our country and outside of it”.

A good part of Abascal’s speech has focused precisely on denouncing the existing contradictions in Sánchez, in the coalition partners – “In his government he has enemies from the Atlantic Alliance,” he said, before emphasizing the increase in defense spending, that Podemos rejects- or in the very measures that the leader of the Socialists announced this Tuesday, such as the national coordination center in health matters, which Abascal has defined, once again ironically, as an example of “oppressive centralism”, or his tax on banks and energy companies, which has caused the stock market to fall: “When you speak, bread goes up, you have announced measures and within 20 minutes you have caused losses for investors worth 6,000 million euros”.

Seeking to wink at the middle classes and the working classes, he has accused the President of the Government of “collusion with the powerful”, especially in his climate laws “at the cost of the ruin of the citizens”. “You have celebrated the blowing up of thermal power plants at a critical time of scarcity. It has been like seeing you applaud the burning of wheat fields in a time of famine. Is there really no one among the leaders of the left who is surprised by the coincidence with the big multinationals in climate fanaticism?” Abascal asked.

Only in one moment has he staged that he lowered his guard – “I regret the harsh opposition that we have been forced to do” -, before attacking the Government from all sides, beginning with the pacts with the Catalan and Basque nationalists, especially with Bildu in exchange for its support for the Law of Memory – “This is a government sustained by historical lies, by the lie of whitewashing ETA using the figure of Miguel Ángel Blanco” -, going through gender policies, disappearance of Spanish in Catalan classrooms or the Trans Law.

Abascal has announced that, if he ever forms part of the Government, he will repeal everything he has defined as “separatist illegalities” and “extremist legislative crap”: the “climate suicide law”, the “fiscal robbery law”, the ” abortion promotion law”, the euthanasia law, the educational law, the democratic memory law… “We will rebuild everything that they destroy and we will raise everything that they demolish, from the economy to the crosses”, he warned.

In a clear tribute to his political godfather José María Aznar, and his famous “Go away, Mr. González, do Spain a favor and go away” that he delivered at the 1994 State of the Nation Debate, Abascal has thus called for the resignation of the president of the Government: “Spain needs you to leave. Spain needs an alternative to the ruin that you leave us. It is enough for us that you leave, the adversity is you, Mr. Sánchez.”

At the same time, he has demanded “firmness” from the PP to repeal all laws and “build a real alternative to achieve the expulsion of this government.”

In his reply, Sánchez has reproached Abascal for, beyond asking for his resignation, he has provided “few solutions”, and has told him that, “if it really were a workers’ party as it is described, it should have voted in favor of labor reform” and have supported the tax on banks.

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