A woman from West Virginia (USA) has woken up after a two-year coma and has accused her brother of attacking her with a machete and leaving her for dead, CNN reported on Monday.

In statements to the television channel, the Jackson County Sheriff, Ross Mellinger, explained that when the Police arrived at the scene two years ago, they found the woman, Wanda Palmer, on the sofa with deep wounds caused by what which they then thought might have been a machete or an axe.

The first impression of the agents was that it was a dead body, but shortly after they realized that Palmer was still alive and breathing.

The woman, now 51, was taken to hospital, where she remained in a coma for two years, while police investigated the case but were unable to gather enough evidence to bring charges against anyone.

A couple of weeks ago, Palmer regained consciousness and, through “yes” or “no” responses to police questions, identified his brother, Daniel Palmer III, 55, as the perpetrator of the assault.

The officers have arrested the brother and the prosecution has filed charges against him for attempted murder.

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