1.- Bildu celebrates the new Memory Law: “We are going to put in check the story of an exemplary Transition”

Sánchez agrees with the ‘abertzales’ to expand and investigate the embers of Francoism until the end of 1983 by the GAL

2.- Carlos Totorika, 25 years after the ‘Ermua Spirit’: “From parents to children they keep telling them that ETA members are heroes”

The socialist mayor led the citizen mobilization against ETA when he received the news that Miguel Ángel Blanco had been kidnapped on July 10, 1997

3.- The minors in care of the Balearic Islands planned to poison a client: “Aunt, let him die there and we will steal everything”

The Judicial Police intervenes chats of the minors in which they pose, between laughs, murdering a Nigerian client in a luxury hotel

4.- The inside story of the abrupt end of the Laso era at Real Madrid

The club points to health reasons after the heart attack he suffered a month ago to separate him from the team, although he handles favorable medical reports

5.- The Sanfermines return, Roca Rey returns: “Pamplona and I connect through the wild”

Almost three years later, the running of the bulls of San Fermín, the most universal festival, returns with all its force. As the Peruvian bullfighting star does to the plaza that adopted him as his own, to the stages that he travels days before the chupinazo

6.- Arrested the alleged perpetrator of the Highland Park massacre, an amateur singer named Robert Crimo

Crimo, who lives with his parents, tried to flee in his car, a Honda, when he was located by the police. After a short chase, he gave up without offering any resistance.

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