Agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police are searching in and around Jaca for the alleged perpetrator of the double crime of shooting a man and a woman in a small town near Tarbes, in the south of France, where both university professors worked. his profession According to the French press published today, citing sources from the prosecutor’s office in his country, one of the teachers was murdered in his home and the second in a nearby street in that French town.

The suspicions surrounding the flight of the alleged murderer to Spain through Jaca stem from the location of the motorcycle on which he fled in a vacant area located in the Peña Oroel area, a few kilometers from said Alto Aragonese town.

Sources close to the French Gendarmerie have explained that the person wanted for these events is Cedric Tauleygne, a 34-year-old French reservist with extensive experience in survival.

In its search warrant, this French police force also warns that this person, who used to participate in various cyclocross sports events, is “dangerous and could be armed.”

The motorcycle was located by a person who was passing through the area and who informed the Civil Guard of the presence of this abandoned vehicle on the ground.

The Tarbes prosecutor, according to the French press, reported shortly after the crime was discovered that the alleged perpetrator had fled, without giving details of his identity, pending his location and arrest.

Apparently, the neighbors found the murdered 32-year-old woman late yesterday afternoon on a street in the small town of Boyastruk and alerted the gendarmes, and shortly after they discovered the 55-year-old man, dead in his home, a few meters away, both naked.

The woman, mother of two small children, was found with a gunshot wound in the street several meters from the house of the other deceased, 55 years old and father of two girls. They were both partners. They worked at the Desaix de Tarbes school, he as a Physical Education teacher and she as a French teacher, according to the French press.

The media identify the fatalities as Aurélie Pardon and Gabriel Fourmigué. The wanted Cedric Tauleygne would have been her partner, they would have two children together, and they were in a separation process.

The police sources consulted by Efe have confirmed the request of the French Gendarmerie for collaboration in the search for the alleged murderer of both teachers, whose motive, according to the French press, could be related to a matter of jealousy.

His experience in survival makes the French responsible for the investigation suspect that he could seek refuge in mountain areas.

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