Former judge Fernando Presencia has managed to avoid the closure of his website ordered by the National Court. Coinciding with the complaint filed by the Prosecutor’s Office for libel and slander against Supreme Court magistrates, Presencia moved his association’s website to a server in France.

In the complaint, the chief prosecutor of the Court, Jesús Alonso, requested the blocking of the web, which was agreed on the 21st by the investigating judge Joaquín Gadea. The Civil Guard has informed the judge that the blocking has not been possible, because two days before that web address had passed from a server located in Spain to another in France. And that the French company that hosts the website had responded that the request for closure should come from the competent French authorities.

Through the website of the association he founded, -Association against Corruption and in Defense of Public Action (Acodap)-, through another digital medium and a YouTube channel, Presencia has been maintaining that several Supreme Court magistrates they had accounts in tax havens where they hid money from bribes. After a time ignoring the former judge, several of those affected decided to report the events to the Prosecutor’s Office.

In the resolution issued this Thursday, Judge Gadea orders various measures to achieve the closure of the website, including addressing the French authorities to proceed to the closure of the server. He also asks Internet operators in Spain to block access from Spain.

In the same way, the judge asks the Civil Guard to investigate the origin of the funds that allow the operation of the website and to identify possible collaborators in the dissemination of falsehoods about the magistrates of the Supreme Court.

Gadea explains that from that website “publications continue to be made against high State institutions, of a similar nature to those denounced by the Prosecutor’s Office.”

The magistrate points out that the former judge under investigation may not be in his right mind. D his “stubborn criminal will” by continuing with his accusations against Supreme Court judges “allows himself to infer features compatible with some type of pathology, which in which case must be expertly assessed, taking into account the nature of the facts and the behavior of the accused despite initiation of this procedure.

Presencia -who was convicted of prevarication- is summoned to testify on July 7. Gadea has agreed that, “given the risk that he could suffer from some type of pathology”, before that date he will be examined by a forensic to check if his mental state allows him to be charged.

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