EH Bildu has not endorsed the declaration approved by the votes of the rest of Pamplona’s municipal groups calling for a rally on July 12 in memory of Miguel Ángel Blanco and all the victims of terrorism and condemning “all crimes “from ETA. The councilors headed by the former nationalist mayor Joseba Asiron have abstained from this initiative which is part of the acts of the 25th anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of the Basque councilor of Ermua by a terrorist commando.

EH Bildu, the coalition that this week has guaranteed the approval of the Pedro Sánchez Historical Memory Law, has not supported an initiative requested by the Blanco Foundation within the acts for the 25th anniversary of the crime against the mayor of the Basque PP that was will take place over the next few days and will culminate in an institutional act presided over by the King and Queen of Spain on Sunday, July 10, in Ermua.

Navarra Suma, the coalition made up of UPN, PP and C’s, has defended a brief motion in the Pamplona City Council in which, in addition to the “condemnation” of the crimes of the terrorist group, citizens are summoned to a concentration on the next 12 July at 12:30 p.m. in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. An act of remembrance and against terrorism in the middle of the San Fermín festivities that has also been backed by the rest of the political forces except for EH Bildu.

Otegi’s coalition has limited itself to proposing an alternative text in which it only refers to transferring “solidarity” with the victims of ETA and demanding “memory, justice and reparation”. The proposal of the abertzale coalition included the renunciation of “any political instrumentalization” of the victims of terrorism.

EH Bildu’s refusal to condemn Blanco’s murder comes after, as reported by UPN, public officials and supporters of the coalition participated in a tribute to ETA prisoners in the Navarran town of Arbizu. The municipality governed by EH Bildu celebrated “Prisoners’ Day” on the 29th with a toast to the ETA members in the town square.

The party chaired by Javier Esparza has warned that this celebration “represents a serious humiliation to all the victims of ETA, whose members Bildu and their town councils such as Arbizu continue to present, making illegitimate use of public spaces, as heroes”.

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