Much remains to be known. Practically everything. But Sumar is already a reality. The political project with which Yolanda Díaz plans to transcend United We Can will start in a week after the second vice president of the Government has officially made public the brand’s logo this Friday and called the presentation event.

Waiting to find out how he will distribute the political weight on the platform and the role that Podemos will play in his plans, Díaz will meet with the public next Friday with the aim of starting his listening process, a six-month tour in which will tour Spain and approach various social actors. As they recognize from his team, the political formations will, in principle, play a secondary role in his scheme and will focus all the importance on citizenship.

“Today is an exciting day: Sumar begins its journey,” the Minister of Labor also expressed through her Twitter account. The launch event will take place at the Matadero cultural complex, in Madrid, at 7:30 p.m. next Friday, July 8.

Not even a month has passed since the Andalusian left, which rehearsed the alliance defended by Díaz, suffered a “destroy” at the polls after failing to achieve the expected mobilization. Between both dates, in addition, there was the political fall of Mónica Oltra, leader of Compromís, called to have a relevant position in the Díaz platform together with the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau.

Now, seven days before the presentation, Sumar has officially opened its social networks, in which the brand’s first video has been published. The logo is different from the one filtered weeks ago: the magenta color has been chosen -instead of the black and gold of the initially revealed sketch- for the design and a line has been drawn over the word Add that symbolizes the result of an operation mathematics.

This is the challenge that the second vice president will face once the listening process is over: reunify the forces to the left of the PSOE and configure a political structure in which all the actors involved are satisfied with their role. In the video published this Friday, numerous images of Yolanda Díaz appear in all kinds of acts, but she does not appear together with any representative of another party, despite the fact that in recent times her relationship with Podemos and Más País has improved remarkably .

Yes you can see a snapshot of the second vice president in acts of CCOO. Díaz is expected to rely fundamentally on the unions to draw up his roadmap for the general elections. Meanwhile, Podemos claims an “essential” role in its schemes.

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