The man who barricaded himself in a house in Santovenia del Pisuerga (Valladolid) with a rifle and at least one hostage and who has allegedly murdered a person this morning is called Pablo, is known as El Chiqui and has a criminal record. El Chiqui has been arrested after more than thirteen hours entrenched.

El Chiqui also seriously injured a member of the Civil Guard’s Special Intervention Unit (UEI) early in the morning when they tried to negotiate with him and free the hostage. This is the lieutenant colonel responsible for the UEI, who has been shot in the head and has been transferred by ambulance at around 08:45 am to the Clinical Hospital of Valladolid. His condition is very serious.

The events occurred at 01:45 a.m. this Friday, when 112 received a call from the Civil Guard alerting of a gunshot wound at the confluence of Alfredo Martín and Marqués de San Felices de Santovenia de Pisuerga streets. Minutes later, the wounded man, named Dionisio Alonso, 45, married with two children, would die.

The alleged aggressor and the victim lived in the same block of flats in Santovenia de Pisuerga, a town of 4,300 inhabitants located a couple of kilometers from Valladolid. The widow of the deceased has explained to Cadena Ser Valladolid what was the trigger for the event: “It was due to a fight that I had with the woman and yesterday the sister came …”, she said through tears. “They had flat tires and they think it’s me or my son.”

The confrontation began a few hours before El Chiqui drew the rifle and shot Dionisio, when both families had a confrontation with blows. According to the family of the deceased, there were eight against two, who were injured. Dionisio had to go to the emergency room to be treated and when he returned, at dawn, he found that El Chiqui was waiting for him with a gun.

After presumably ending Dionisio’s life, the aggressor barricaded himself in the home of the boyfriend of one of his two daughters, a ground floor apartment. According to local residents explaining to, there are several squats in the area and El Chiqui and his family would live in one of them.

The Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barcones, went to the town and reported the events at a press conference, which began on Thursday afternoon. “A fight began yesterday, with about 12 people, with some slightly injured, who was discharged. At a quarter to two in the morning there was a deceased, by weapon, shot. This person entrenched himself and is still there, wounding this morning , around a quarter past eight in the morning, to a member of the Civil Guard. The operation is open and we cannot give more details”. she explained her.

Shortly before, the sub-delegate of the Government in Valladolid, Emilio Álvarez, explained to the Efe agency that the man has at least one hostage, although there could be some more and that the cause of the event may be related to a matter of “jealousy”.

Agents of the UEI of the Civil Guard moved to the town at dawn, cordoned off the area and asked the neighbors not to approach due to the dangerousness of the subject. “They haven’t let us leave the town until a while ago,” said a neighbor mid-morning.

When the agents tried to negotiate with the entrenched man, he responded with a shot that hit the person in charge of the operation. “At a quarter to nine the ambulance passed by and wounded the lieutenant colonel,” says a resident of Santovenia, where El Chiqui does not enjoy a very good reputation and where they live these hours with great tension. “We know him little because he is not people with whom we relate,” several people from the town respond when we ask them about him.

The Civil Guard continues with an important operation deployed around the house.

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