“The government has been tumbling for a long time, exhausted, and with enormous internal tension.” Alberto Núñez Feijóo believes that this conditions not only the relations between the investiture partners, but that it will also slow down the agreements with the main opposition party. The president of the PP wants to agree with the PSOE on the great affairs of the State, but he thinks that the “twitching” of the Government is going to “cool” the negotiations.

“The Government is not making it easy. It gives the feeling that it does not want any pact,” Feijóo assured on RNE. With that argument ahead, the popular will not present their proposal for the renewal of the CGPJ until after the Andalusian elections, as confirmed by the president of the PP.

“In the context” of the scandal of the security breach that has occurred at the top of the Executive power, the PP wants to “continue working on the CGPJ, but it is difficult to reach institutional agreements if one of the parties is dedicated full time to erode institutions,” Feijóo insisted.

“We are going to cool down this week’s tension and we are going to wait for the ongoing electoral process to end and we are going to present a proposal for the CGPJ, and then we will see if the government wants to agree with the PP,” he explained.

For the main leader of the opposition, the fundamental thing will be to “regenerate” the 20 members that govern the CGPJ and, also, prohibit political positions that come directly from the Government from occupying positions such as the State Attorney General’s Office or the intelligence agency. In his opinion, it cannot be that “the Secretary of State for Defense becomes director of the CNI in minutes.”

The PP proposal will be presented, therefore, in the summer and “with light and stenographers”, to “regenerate the way of electing the government of the judges”. “In this context, the convenient thing is to go assuming theme by theme”, said Feijóo. Now, his most pressing demand is that Sánchez go to Congress to explain the Pegasus scandal before doing so at the bilateral table with Esquerra.

In this sense, Feijóo has demanded Sánchez to “appear immediately” in Congress and before “going to Catalonia to deliver the welcome letter” to the Catalan president, Pere Aragonès, “showing the head of the director of the CNI “. Something that would be, he has said, “a lack of rigor and a lack of dignity” of Parliament. He has referred to the meeting that Sánchez and Aragonès have pending to clarify the Pegasus case after the escalation of tension between the two governments due to the espionage of the independence movement.

Asked about the controversy within the Government over the draft of the abortion law, which proposes sick leave due to menstrual pain, Feijóo has assured that the Executive “try to change the current situation” so as not to talk about the “lies” about Pegasus and the CNI. “The casualties are given by the doctors and not by a minister or a vice president facing each other,” he has settled.

On the other hand, the president of the PP has left the door open for the PP to agree with Vox after the Andalusian elections. “There will be no interference in Juanma Moreno’s pact policy,” he said. “We defend the Spain of the autonomies and we defend that after the Andalusian elections the candidate who wins makes an assessment in this regard and brings a proposal,” he added.

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