It is difficult to find a change of position in United We Can as drastic as the swerve given this Tuesday during the Debate on the State of the Nation. The purples have gone in a matter of minutes from lamenting the “disorientation” of Pedro Sánchez and ignoring the plan that the Government was preparing to celebrate the “clear course” of the measures announced by the president and claim the weight of the minority member of the coalition in this “brave” new roadmap.

United We Can attended its first Debate on the State of the Nation with more expectation than certainty and willing to deal with the contradiction of leading the Government’s own rejection of increasing defense spending. A decision that, together with the political and communicative management of the Melilla tragedy, has distanced the Executive from its parliamentary partners and “disoriented”, they believe in Podemos, the left-wing electorate facing the final stretch of the legislature, inevitably marked by the high inflation.

But the announcements made by the president from the speaker’s rostrum have changed the sentiment of the confederal group. The purple ministers were not informed of the decisions that the president would take to the plenary session and, despite the fact that they did not applaud his words -“the important thing is not to always applaud, but to listen”, says Yolanda Díaz-, the doubts turned into optimism when verify that a good part of these measures were requested weeks ago by United We Can within the Council of Ministers, such as the temporary tax on electricity companies or a greater reduction in the transport bonus.

The purples were waiting for Sánchez’s words to finish deciding the focus of their intervention in Congress. When the time has come, in the middle of the afternoon, the president of the confederal group, Jaume Asens, has reiterated the alliance’s gratitude for this “change of script” which shows, they assert in Podemos, that the PSOE, far from approaching the new PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, seeks to tie the path of the investiture block in order to revalidate the Government with this configuration.

For this reason, the satisfaction has ended up leading to a full celebration: “Everything we demand has been fulfilled,” they repeated in the ranks of Podemos minutes after the president’s speaking time ended. “Let’s go for more,” Asens wrote on Twitter. “We are satisfied,” stressed the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, who, yes, has demanded that the president bet on peace as the only way to solve the conflict in Ukraine.

A thesis that Pablo Echenique has collected when taking the floor in the Hemicycle. The purple parliamentary spokesman, although he has recognized that the president has found the formula to “regain the rhythm” in favor of the social majority, has urged Sánchez to allocate all possible “public resources” to “defend the population and not increase spending on weapons”. He also to unblock the Housing and Citizen Security laws at the parliamentary level, the latter known as the Gag Law.

Thus, United We Can already take advantage of the evident, they say, shift to the left of the Government to continue dragging Pedro Sánchez towards more progressive positions and ensure that the next Budgets are marked by social investment and not by increased military spending. A new “reorientation” that would allow the investiture bloc to regain confidence in Sánchez and fight against the political “disaffection” that the left accuses.

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