The police operation launched to locate and arrest the perpetrators of the incidents in San Fermín against the municipal corporation of Pamplona is already giving its first results.

As EL MUNDO has learned, during the last few hours, the Municipal Police has carried out a first arrest of one of the alleged perpetrators of the incidents in which three officers from that same body were injured. One of the agents was hit in the face by one of the radicals. According to research sources, it is precisely this alleged aggressor who has been arrested in Pamplona.

He is a well-known abertzale from the Navarran capital with no history. These sources explain that it is the first arrest and that it will not be the only one. The investigators considered continuing to identify the perpetrators of the threats, insults and attacks on the municipal corporation and carrying out a single raid. But it was concluded that the most effective thing at the police level was to act against the one who directly hit an agent. He will be accused of attacking the authority.

The identification took place after the analysis of the images obtained from the disturbances and the exchange of police information that has taken place between the municipal agents, the forales, the National Police and the Civil Guard.

In addition, the role of the agents infiltrated in the area is also being key when proceeding with the identifications. The abertzales had in their sights the representatives of the UPN and the clergy, who had to be protected by the deployment of the Municipal Police.

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