King Juan Carlos will be this weekend in Sanxenxo (Pontevedra). After several weeks of speculation about his imminent return to Spain, finally, this Tuesday there is official confirmation that as of Friday he will be able to be seen in this Galician town where he has been a regular since 2000 and which had become his great refuge from his abdication in 2014 until his march to Abu Dhabi in August 2020. Public confirmation came through the mayor of Sanxenxo, the popular Telmo Martín. As he himself revealed, it was confirmed to him on Monday night and this Tuesday, just a few hours later, he has decided to make it public to end days of speculation. “What I want to tell you is that King Juan Carlos will be enjoying the regatta this weekend,” he assured. Specifically, he is expected at the InterRías Trophy of the Spanish Cup for six-metre boats, which is held in the Ría de Pontevedra starting this Friday and that will be the last training appointment of the 6M circuit in which the King participated since its creation in 2016 until its brand to the Emirates. Afterwards, the June World Cup will arrive, which will also have the Sanxenxo marina as its base and where they are also waiting for him. At the moment, it has not been confirmed if the King Emeritus will participate in the regatta with the Bribón boat or if he will just enjoy She as a spectator, since sources close to the monarch remember that she has not trained for a long time. In any case, the San Xenxian councilor insists that the important thing is that “yes, he will be among us.” This visit will be the return of the Emeritus to Spain after almost two years of absence and there is still no confirmation of whether it will be his first stop or before will pass through Madrid for the committed meeting with his son, King Felipe VI, in Zarzuela. At the moment, Zarzuela sources have not commented on the imminent return of Don Juan Carlos, informs Marina Pina. It will therefore be highly anticipated and in Sanxenxo they declare themselves “delighted to be able to show him once again the affection we feel for him after of almost two years of absence”. It will also be his meeting with his closest circle of friends, with whom he had a farewell dinner in August 2020 before leaving Spain. This town in the Rías Baixas was his last stop on that date.

The visit of King Juan Carlos was usual at least once a month until his departure to Abu Dhabi, but now it will be an extraordinary event that will require extreme precautions. In any case, sources consulted by this newspaper have indicated that the same security device will be activated as in recent years and the one that is applied in Sanxenxo in summer, when the population of the town multiplies with the arrival of vacationers. It corresponds to the Civil Guard, which is silent, but inevitably spills over to the Sanxenxo Local Police. Regarding his work, the mayor assures that “we do what we always do” and insists that “King Juan Carlos is one more citizen who comes to enjoy our gastronomy, our landscape and, above all, the navigation that he likes so much “.”For us, the important thing is that he is among us”, insisted the mayor of the town, because “the King Emeritus in Sanxenxo is loved”. Not only his circle of friends, all of them linked to the world of sailing, such as businessman Pedro Campos, president of the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo; the Madrid architect Mauricio Sánchez-Bella Carswell; businessman José Cusí, owner of the new ‘Bribón’ with which he competes; the Venezuelan banker who owns Abanca, Juan Carlos Escotec; the Galician banker Francisco Botas; or the economist and businessman César Elízaga. On his last visits to Sanxenxo before 2020 he had chosen to stay in Pedro Campos’ chalet instead of a hotel, but this time he is not expected there, but in a nearby house that It has been adapting to your accessibility and security needs for months.

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