“Three armed and hooded people have taken a five-year-old girl… share this post.” The complete appeal, with a photo, name and address of the little girl began to run on social networks since Monday afternoon. Word of mouth went viral a few hours after the child’s mother appeared at the police station in her town, Mascalucia, in the province of Catania, with a dramatic story. “I went to look for my daughter at the nursery,” she recounted through tears, “we had just left when they blocked our car. They took the girl, she was screaming but they put her in another car and they fled.”

An “anomalous” kidnapping and where the intervention of organized crime would seem strange, the investigators immediately said. “We are in a very delicate phase and we cannot give details,” says the attorney for the Republic of Catania Carmelo Zuccaro, “the only thing that can be excluded at this stage is the purpose of the ransom.” In short, the little girl would not have been kidnapped to ask for money, also because the economic conditions of the family did not justify such an action. Kidnappings are very rare in Sicily.

It would, therefore, be another scenario that arises in the case of the kidnapping of Elena Del Pozzo, who will be five years old next July. To help the police in their searches late in the afternoon, the Prosecutor’s Office also authorized the dissemination and publication of the girl’s photos, providing two different shots: one from some time ago and another from this Monday, in which you saw a short-sleeved white t-shirt and yellow shorts.

The investigations seem to have found precise clues, even if the carabinieri move with extreme caution. From the ongoing interrogations, it is expected that something concrete will emerge about the apparently mysterious motive for the kidnapping.

The little girl’s relatives have been questioned. The mother saw the kidnappers’ car, but she does not remember the model or the license plate. The carabinieri, on the other hand, are reviewing the videos of various surveillance cameras in the Piano Tremestieri area, where the nursery is located, in the hope of capturing any clues that will allow the kidnappers to be traced.

At night, forensic experts focused their attention on a car that could be the one used by the kidnappers, and carried out expert reports in search of traces in the area. The girl’s parents, who currently do not live together, have been subjected to lengthy interrogations. Her wife and daughter live with her grandparents, but the neighbors speak of a peaceful family environment.

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