I adore the Valheim map I have been playing , however the procedural generation has never been particularly generous. I had played 51 hours in my entire world –51 hours! –until I first discovered Valheim’s dealer , Haldor, therefore that I could eventually purchase a fishing rod.

In my world, the next supervisor, The Elder, is a fantastic stretch of sea off on a brand new continent into the shore, while the third boss, Bonemass, is situated on still another island to the southeast, the whole reverse direction. I don’t have any idea where the fifth and fourth bosses are however, but I suppose they will be the least suitable places to achieve.

It has led to plenty of exploration, many base structures, and a good deal of sailing expeditions, which is what Valheim is about. But someone’s discovered a seed where each boss and biome is only a stone’s-throw out of the beginning point of the map. It is sort of mind-boggling:

On Reddit, InfernoFPS posted the seed to this Valheim planet where all of five supervisors and biomes are in comparatively easy running distance of their first spawn point. As you can see previously, four managers, along with the dealer, are on the newcomer continent, which includes the Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp, and Mountain biomes. You do not even have to consider sailing until you are prepared for the fifth boss, who’s on another island along with a narrow strait. A very simple raft is going to do.

That is a fairly amazing quirk of earth production system. Can this ultra-convenient map make for an enjoyable game of Valheim? I am not sure–half of the fun is researching the planet and carrying risky trips throughout the ocean. Can it be a fantastic world for Valheim speedrunners? Definitely. In case Valheim speedrunners exist, that’s.

The entire world shrub is HHcLC5acQt.


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