The judge of the National High Court, Joaquín Gadea, has issued an international arrest warrant for the extradition to Spain of two of those investigated for the alleged Kuailian cryptocurrency scam, who have not appeared to testify despite being summoned twice.

According to legal sources reported this Wednesday, the magistrate explains, in two orders, that this measure is agreed for David Aurelio Ruiz de León and Cristian Albeiro Carmona Hernández for not having appeared at the judicial appeal on May 27 and June 23. Both are outside the national territory and, according to what they themselves have mentioned, reside in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The resolution explains that, given the seriousness of the penalties that could be imposed, up to eight years in prison for crimes of aggravated fraud, money laundering and criminal organization, “the precautionary measure of search, arrest and placement in national prison and international law, taking into account the risk of absconding and the will shown in the procedure to hinder judicial action, this being the only effective measure to ensure the presence of the person under investigation in the process at the disposal of the Spanish judicial authority”.

This measure, adds the letter, must be decreed by issuing the appropriate international arrest warrant, since there are reasonable suspicions that both investigated are in the United Arab Emirates, in order to be able to direct the procedure against them and “purify criminal responsibilities that may correspond to them due to the facts of this proceeding.

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