If you jump the listing of Valheim mods you will observe many, if not most, are bent on making sure aspects of the sport easier. There are mods that allow you to take metal and ore through portals, that remove construction height restrictions, that always keep wind on your ships’ sails, and tons more that let players skirt around the borders of Valheim’s systems. Warriors , to put it differently.

But there are a couple people out there interested in making Valheim tougher, instead of easier. Just like the modder who chose you should be capable to starve to death.

Do you want to starve to death in Valheim? For me, personally, the solution is I’m good, thanks, and I’m convinced lots of players would agree. I really like that Valheim places a lot of significance on food but does not cause you to drop dead if you have not eaten, such as most survival games do. It is one of the things that makes Valheim more approachable. The modder also plans to include systems for broken limbs in the future, and while limping around while starving to death has a particular DayZ sense (and I really like DayZ) it is not the experience I’m looking to get in Valheim.

Another of my favourite components in Valheim is that fixing weapons, tools, armor, and buildings don’t require any resources. A fast whang from your hammer and you can restore your favourite axe or helmet or castle wall into a pristine state. But the Repair Requires Materials mod does away with that lovely convenience. Now in the event that you want to fix something, it’s likely to charge you resources.

As repellent as I find the thought, it’s at least been thought out nicely–the amount of stuff required is based on the item’s degree of degradation (and it’s configurable, so that you can tweak it to find a formula you’re delighted with). But still, I’m gont pass. I am perfectly happy that fixing equipment does not mean I have to cease to scavenge up a bunch of tools first.

Other mods make things tougher as a natural part of a more realistic rebalance. By way of instance, one of my favourite things to do in Valheim is to parry an incoming arrow fired by a skeleton or draugr… which staggers the monster that fired it. It’s totally ridiculous, but I really like seeing a distant enemy wobble around because I blocked its arrow together with my shield. It’s like the draugr is indeed impressed at seeing my perfectly-timed parry that it is sent reeling for an instant.

Booo! (But, yes, I get that this is much more realistic, ignoring the fact that you are fighting giant trolls.) The mod does create some other tweaks too, such as decreasing the arc of protection smaller protects give you when compared to tower guards.

It’s not strange for mods to make games more difficult–some of the very popular Skyrim mods incorporate hydration, starvation, vulnerability, and other survival methods. Upping the challenge may be a excellent way to initiate a brand new playthrough, and I will see a more difficult survival experience being a incentive for gamers who’ve defeated all of Valheim’s managers and are looking for new challenges. Perhaps somebody with 200 hours would like to face starvation and need to scrounge for additional materials every time they would like to repair their pickaxes. They may also need to limp around with broken bones.


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