GPT Sites have gained tremendous popularity in recent years and for obvious reasons. These sites provide a great source of extra online income. The best part is they are free to join.

However, to make better use of these extra income opportunities, firstly, you’ll need to understand these GPT sites and how you can earn from them?

Despite being a popular way of generating passive income online, there are still some people who are unaware of GPT websites.

So, if you’re too wondering to get proper information about the topic, read this ultimate guide to GPT Sites till the end. So, let’s start now!

What Are GPT Sites?

GPT or Get-Paid-To Sites are types of online reward websites that allow you to earn by completing different tasks online.

These sites let you earn rewards by participating in free contests, taking surveys, doing micro-tasks, playing games, clicking ads, watching videos, downloading apps, signing up for free trials, taking online offers, doing social media tasks, and more.

To earn rewards from these sites, you’ll need to follow every step and instruction listed in the offer. If you miss out on even one step, you would not earn any reward.

Advantages Of GPT Sites:

There are countless advantages of GPT Sites; major ones of them are listed below:

  • Completely Free to Join
  • Offers Plenty of High Paying Tasks and Surveys
  • Hassle-free and quick Withdrawal Options
  • Most Sites Offer Good Sign Up Bonus
  • Spend Time in a Most Profitable Way
  • Plenty of Payout Options
  • Flexible Working
  • Doesn’t Need Any Skill

How to Earn on GPT Sites?

You will find countless opportunities to earn on GPT Sites. Here, we will discuss different ways through which you can make money on GPT sites.

Answering Surveys:

The first and most efficient way to earn on GPT Sites is to participate in surveys, which are available on most websites.

You can earn by sharing your thoughts on many topics, such as products and services. These surveys are more likely to originate via survey routers or third-party firms.

The amount you may earn for each survey varies, but you can generally earn anywhere from $0.10 to $10 for every survey.

Completing Offers:

Another way of earning on GPT Sites is to complete the offers. These sites will provide you with plenty of offers to choose from.

You can choose between paid ones and free ones, which implies that they either don’t demand money or do.

The free offers include signups, competitions, sweepstakes, software downloads, and more. These pay less than paid ones.

On the other hand, Paid offers can be fairly lucrative in terms of reward, but they do demand some investment.

Watching Videos:

This is probably one of the quickest and simplest methods to earn money on GPT sites, as you are just one click away from earning rewards.

Because it is so simple to sit back and watch videos, the rewards are not much higher. However, there are many individuals who watch these videos while doing other things and generating passive income.

Participating in Referral Programs:

Referral programs have a high potential to earn more money than surveys and videos. This is because you are typically inviting others to join the site by entering referral programs.

Some sites pay a commission for each person you invite, while others pay you a few percent of your referral’s earnings.

Completing Online Tasks:

Most GPT sites offer some online tasks, for which they’ll pay you. These simple tasks include transcribing, describing images, etc., and getting paid for it.

Product Reviewing:

Writing a review for a product is another way of earning on GPT sites. For every review, you may get a reward from the advertiser.

In addition, some websites give you free product trials, by which you can first try the product and then write reviews about it.

Installing and Playing Games:

You can earn by installing and playing games available on GPT Sites. It is the most fun way to get paid. You’ll always get enough time to play games. And what’s more interesting is getting paid for it.

How to Get Paid on GPT Sites?

Before investing your time on GPT Sites, knowing how you will get paid is important. To your surprise, let us tell you that most GPT sites offer several popular payout methods. So let’s discuss them!


Paypal is considered the world’s largest online payment processor. As being the largest, it is quite popular too; that is the reason why most GPT sites offer Paypal as reward options.

Paypal payments are quick and don’t take long to process. However, you should consider all the related fees before choosing Paypal as a payment option.

Amazon Giftcard:

Another way of getting paid on GPT Sites is to transfer your rewards to an amazon gift card. It is the quickest and easiest way to transfer your rewards.

You can then redeem this gift card to purchase anything from the Amazon website.


We are sure most of you are unaware of this payout option. But in reality, there are some GPT sites that actually pay through Bitcoins. You can transfer the bitcoins to your personal wallet safely.


There are many sites that pay their users by check. In addition, it is the most preferred payment method.

So, instead of getting scared of online payment fraud, you can directly deposit checks in your bank account.


That’s all! Here comes an end to our ultimate guide to GPT Sites, hope you all have understood the topic. In the end, we would only say GPT Sites are the best way to earn passively.

The best part of GPT Sites is that they let you earn from the comfort of sitting at your home. However, the only investment you are making here is your time.

So, it’s up to you how you would like to spend your time. Above, we have listed a few ways through which you can earn on GPT Sites. So, take a look at them and enjoy earning!



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