1.- Sánchez grants the emir of Qatar an unprecedented welcome to bid for his gas and his investments

The Government and the King deploy all their diplomacy with their sights set on buying gas and attracting investment from the Qatari sovereign wealth fund

2.- Petro Poroshenko: “Ukraine stopped Russia because the army trained with NATO”

Former Ukrainian president says Russian leader is becoming a new Kim Jong-un “and Russia a new North Korea”

3.- Begoña Villacís: “I would never be in a Government of PP and Vox, it does not represent me”

The polls give them four councilors at a time when Ciudadanos is falling apart. It would be key to forming a government.

4.- Mar’s suicidal adolescence: “I tried many times, I felt I had to punish myself, that I had no right to anything”

Suicide is the main cause of death among minors: 61 deaths in 2020. We spoke with a survivor of numerous attempts, who is recovering in a specialized youth center: “I felt I had to punish myself, that I had no right to anything”

5.- Record sentence of 5 years to a mother for denouncing 9 times false sexual abuse of her ex on the common daughter: “It’s like killing you alive”

“No one is going to give me this time back,” the father tells EL MUNDO, who has been insulted and marginalized for five years by the false accusations of the mother, of “disturbed mind and refined evil”, as sentenced by the judge of Penal 1 from Granada

6.- Llull and his love story and records with the Final Four: “I had to stop him”

The Balearic faces this week in Belgrade his eighth F4, in search of his 23rd title with Real Madrid. Joan Plaza and Lele Molin put his figure in perspective: “He is a legend of the Euroleague”

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