1.- The King Emeritus returns to Spain and takes refuge in his friend’s house

Juan Carlos I returns after almost two years in Abu Dhabi. At the Vigo airport he was only received by the Infanta Elena and the shipowner Pedro Campos, in whose house he is staying this weekend

2.- The other war of the Ukrainian mothers: “We are not like the Russians; they would never take up arms to fight”

Thousands of volunteers enlist “so as not to fall under a regime that oppresses women”

3.- Madrid calls on Health to purchase vaccines against monkeypox to control cases

The region with the most cases (7) has asked Aemps to purchase a vaccine to control the monkeypox outbreak. For now, the Ministry studies the evolution of cases before making a decision

4.- Real Madrid consummates its revenge against Barça in an agonizing classic and will fight for its eleventh European Cup

The Pablo Laso team, who were down by 13 at the start of the second half, came back to life to break their losing streak against the azulgrana with Llull, Causeur and Yabusele as leaders. On Saturday they will play the final against Efes

5.- 45 years of educational lurches: the great fiasco of democracy

Spain has had up to nine laws in four decades. Politicization has prevented consensus and the application of failed pedagogical models has turned the school into an ‘amusement park’

6.- A ‘japo’ in an old ham warehouse and four other openings to adore sushi

Jorge González is behind Surgeon Kitchen, a space between workshop, reserved and showcooking of premium Japanese cuisine that has just opened in the Manzanares neighborhood

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