They don’t want to curb what they see as a positive dynamic. The United We Can sector in the Government celebrates these days having won the PSOE the pulse for casualties for painful rules in the new abortion law and having made the socialists back down, withdrawing their initiative to include the abolition of prostitution in the law of the only yes is yes -the PSOE has registered its own law for its abolition on its own-. In this context, the Ministry of Social Rights, directed by Ione Belarra, wants to extend the sick leave due to the painful rule to the educational field.

The Council of Ministers approved this week the Youth Strategy 2022-2030, a document of State policy whose intention, according to the Government, is to integrate, provide coherence, guide and give joint meaning to all sectoral youth policies of all the ministries.

It is within the framework of this Strategy that the purpose of extending the withdrawal due to the painful rule -which caused a clash within the Government before its approval- to female students is framed. “We want to continue advancing along these lines,” said María Teresa Pérez, general director of the Spanish Youth Institute (Injuve), attached to the Department of Social Rights. They consider from this ministry that it is necessary to take advantage of the path marked by Equality with the abortion law, which the Government also approved this week in the first round.

«We have included in this Strategy that absence due to painful rules is also respected in the educational field, that is, if you are in a lot of pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting or even fainting, it is evident that you cannot concentrate or pay attention in class, so you must be able to stay at home instead of going to high school or university, and that absence cannot entail any kind of punishment or academic harm, ”says the director of Injuve.

After the intense debate within the government coalition on account of the withdrawal due to a painful rule or the abolition of VAT on feminine hygiene products, United We Can want to amplify the measure. From the Ministry of Equality, the impact that sick leave due to a painful and incapacitating rule will have on Social Security has already been estimated at 23.8 million euros.

And just as the new abortion law promoted by Irene Montero recovers that 16 and 17-year-old girls can interrupt pregnancy without parental authorization, Social Rights has also proposed to promote public debate on the reduction of the age for suffrage at age 16. “It is the best measure to make the participation of young people effective and real,” says Belarra.

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