Another day I needed to clean out some space in my PC and, as ever, went for older gameplay clips. I discovered a Phasmophobia one from late last year, in the stage where a lot of my friends had ceased playing the game so I had been entering arbitrary lobbies as a solo player.

1 time, at the tiny hours of this afternoon, I ran into a bunch of players that I can only explain as a sort of Phasmophobia musical improv. It is most likely the best piece of’found footage’ I have ever had in a game, and that I can not take credit for some of it.

It is a tiny dim at first but surely assembles, and apologies ahead of its strange f-bomb. In case you have any passion with this particular game it will crack you up.

The most remarkable thing about this rap is the way enticing it’s into the game and what is happening. In the beginning it is about UV lights along with the fingerprints they have seen, before what I will call the celebration room show and the very best utilization of glowsticks in a match. You then get references into the radio, the EMF reader, and best of that instant once the beat breaks and also our MC says”What is the fever!”

Then the bit in which the ghost decides it has had enough of the and just ups and leaves. The time on some of the can be freakish, but that is why Phasmophobia could be this wonderful encounter (and has been our co-op sport of 2020).

The matter about Phasmophobia is that, as soon as you’ve played with a whole lot, some gamers lose all fear of the ghosts and begin messing around in a manner that destroys the air. It is only straight-up bothersome when a single member of the group runs in there yelling the ghost’s title, puts off an early search, and (the majority of the time) gets somebody else murdered. These individuals obviously have very little fear of the ghost: but their Phasmophobia endgame is magnificent.

I’d manage to come across the Steam tags of those randoms that had been in this lobby together with me, and friend-requested them so as to try to provide appropriate charge: however none has responded. If they do I will make certain to update this.


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