Yes, everybody. Despite positioning myself because the self-proclaimed Mech-liker on team, I have never really been enormous on Gundam. I just like my robots to seem somewhat less toylike, I am afraid. But while I am not so hot on how Mecha anime frequently seems, I am a sucker for how it seems –and in this, Vulture: Unlimited Frontier certainly claws its own target.

Perhaps it doesn’t appear much, but trust me, you’re going to want to crank that volume straight up.

That is the fantastic stuff, innit? The heavy booms of a rocket, the sharp thirds of machines, the nearly alien noise of thrusters crying through the atmosphere, all delivered with a quality which goes back into the crummy speakers in your own parents’ CRT telly.

The sport itself is an enjoyable enough small mech dogfighter. The menus may be tough, and versions are somewhat low detail up close–but at the present time, tearing through the skies, unloading missiles onto a half-dozen objects painted from a bright blue skies, it is a joy. At leastit had been when I worked out the controllers, that are tough to pin down believing a lot of the game UI lacks a English translation.

Vulture UF is totally free to download , but heads up the waiter’s somewhat slow–even though being a 2GB download, but there is a fantastic chance you will be waiting a couple of hours.


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