Two civil guards from the Main Post of Morrojable (Fuerteventura) have saved the life of a ten-month-old baby who choked when the mother was giving him medicine. The events occurred yesterday afternoon, while the little boy was with his family enjoying the summer holidays.

The civil guards, in the exercise of their functions in the town of Costa Calma, were alerted by the security guard of a hotel in the town, indicating that a baby was suffocating. The agents rushed to the scene and found a woman in the hotel hall very nervous with a baby in her arms, while she blurted out that her baby was not breathing.

Given the events that occurred, the civil guards began a small exploration of the baby and observed that he had a bluish hue, as well as body rigidity, swelling in the stomach and a severe effort to try to breathe without being able to do so.

For all these reasons, the civil guards began the Heimlich maneuver, accompanied by a twist of the baby and a small pressure on the area of ​​the scapula, making the minor expel abundant viscous liquid through the nose and mouth, thus recovering a good skin tone and the stiffness in the stomach area disappeared.

After all the maneuvers carried out by the agents to save the baby’s life, he returned to calm and began to breathe relatively normally once the minutes of absolute nervousness had passed. This performance was vital to stabilize the baby and save his life.

After it, a doctor who was on vacation staying at the hotel appeared at the scene and gave a series of guidelines until the ambulance from the Canary Islands Emergency Service finally arrived. The medical services approved the way to proceed by the agents, who also received congratulations from the mother for the work provided.

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