“We respond to all the big fires in the US etc. This year between Ukraine, Afghanistan, India, we are on the edge!” The objective of chef José Andrés is to respond wherever there is an emergency, but this year conflicts and natural disasters have made it difficult for him.

However, his NGO World Central Kitchen (WCK) is present in Cáceres, where he distributes food to those affected by the fires that devastate the area. “An unprecedented heat wave has caused fires across Europe, including near Cáceres in Spain.

The Madrid-based WCK team has responded by providing fresh food, coffee and ice cream for the past few days to displaced families,” the NGO reported on Facebook on Sunday. “Fortunately, evacuation orders have been lifted and people can return to home”.

“WCK continues to monitor fires across Europe and is ready to activate should a food need arise,” he adds.

Over the weekend, the Professional Trade Union Association of Environmental Agents of Castilla y León questioned the chef on Twitter. “You will be seeing news of forest fires in Spain, and we have an open debate about the precariousness of the supply of the Junta de Castilla y León for the components of the fire operation. The complaints come from the delay, little variety and scarcity,” the agents denounced. environmental.

The chef responded quickly with a direct mention to the Board: “You always have to feed well, especially people risking their lives and working without stopping or rest. It helps morale and it is important that you have the necessary calories for intense work! “, said José Andrés, “please, it costs little to do it well”.

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