The Pope has apologized to the faithful of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan, where he planned to travel from July 2 to 7, for having been forced to postpone the trip to a date yet to be determined due to his financial problems. knee.

“With great disappointment I had to make this decision. I feel bitter for having to postpone this trip that was very important to me because of my knee problem,” Francis said after praying the Angelus this Sunday.

After apologizing, he has asked for prayers so that he can “do it soon”. “Let us pray together so that, with God’s help and medical care, it can reach you as soon as possible,” the Pontiff urged.

The Vatican press office announced on Friday with a brief statement that the Pope was postponing “sine die” his trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan due to medical prescription due to the problem of ligaments and cartilage wear that drags on the right knee.

The knee injury has worsened in recent weeks and is the reason that has weighed in the decision to cancel the trip for now. The pain prevents him from walking easily and, although the Pontiff maintains the commitments on his agenda, since last May 5 he uses a wheelchair to get around. During the Angelus, the Pope focused on the Holy Trinity, which the Catholic Church celebrates this Sunday, and pointed out that it is not just a theological exercise, but a “revolution” in the way of life.

In this sense, he pointed out that people are not “islands”. “God, in whom each Person lives for the other, not for himself, encourages us to live with others and for others”, she said. At the same time he has invited us to ask ourselves: “Do I really believe that in order to live I need others, I need to give myself to others, I need to serve others? Do I affirm it with words or with life?”

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