A 30-year-old woman died this Sunday from injuries sustained in the attack that occurred last Friday when a man armed with two kitchen knives broke into the University of Hamm-Lipstadt (western Germany) and injured several people.

According to ongoing investigations, the 34-year-old assailant suffered from mental disorders and persecution mania and had left a psychiatric institution on Friday, where he was admitted a few days after a suicide attempt.

Shortly after, he entered the campus armed with a knife and first launched himself against a group of people by whom he felt harassed.

He injured three students there, all of them 22 years old. He then entered a classroom, where a class was being taught in front of a hundred students, and launched himself against a teacher, the woman now deceased.

A group of students managed to reduce and hold him until the police arrived, who cordoned off the campus and called, via Twitter, to avoid approaching the campus until the situation was fully clarified.

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