She lived Racoon City, but can she endure Rainbow Six Siege?

Jill Valentine has made her way into Rainbow Six Siege as a portion of a Resident Evil-themed Elite skin collection.

Announced through the PlayStation YouTube station , the GROM attacking operator Zofia was extended a Raccoon City-themed makeover. The skin set is really a throwback into Jill’s outfit at the first Resident Evil as opposed to her casual outfit at the current Resident Evil 3: Remake also, which matches the beret-loving Zofia perfectly.

The Elite collection includes Jill’s classic STARS Unit One uniform, Together with KS70 Lifeline skin because of its Distinctive gadget, and weapon skins for its LMG-E, M672, along with the RG15. You also receive the Elite Zofia chibi to attach with your firearms.

Like the other Elite skin places, the Zofia Elite set prices 1800 R6 credits, which translates into #12/$15. Credits would be the premium money in Rainbow Six Siege so there’s not any method to unlock the skin via gameplay, even when you’re the master of unlocking.

Though the trailer has been published by the PlayStation YouTube station, this is not an exclusive skincare package so that you may get Zofia kitted out at the best equipment STARS must provide on PS5, Xbox collection X, Xbox collection S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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