The newly-leaked clip includes Ela rescuing a diminished operator in the clutches of’archaeans.’

Contrary to the hour-long escape from May, this escape is almost all activity, though it does offer a look at a few of the game’s mixture of new and familiar gadgets, such as the nitro mobile, the scanning noodle, as well as the recon drone. The post-mission display is a rundown of finished goals, survivor bonus, and command improvements.

The movie that leaked May is much more educational in a general sense, showing that Parasite’s opponents are blue-green aliens using blades for arms and luminous heads known as archaeans. Players will collect intel as they advance through increasingly perilous zones, somewhat like going through Left 4 Dead’s protected homes, until they decide that enough is enough and also involve an extraction.

It is apparently possible for operators that do not create the extraction, or that are left between zones, to be emptied later. It is not clear if that is what we’re seeing in this movie –at our May report we stated that stranded operators”need to be freed in an archaean tree, a mass of biofilm which webs itself into an area and needs to be diminished by shooting its own luminous anchor cells and points,” and there is none of that –but it will match the general theme. We are going to have to wait to find out what occurs when Parasite really shows up, but sadly there’s no hint as to when that may occur.

This May movie was removed fairly quickly and it is reasonable to expect this one will probably be too, so enjoy it while you can. Parasite still does not have a firm release date, but it will likely come out this season.


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