Doom EXP’s 2.5 upgrade adds the Cryobow and presents two new attacks, which takes it out of Doom Eternal demake to remake to–well, whatever you would call a demake, remake, along with religious sequel wrapped in one. Let us make a word for this sometime.

Doom EXP started as a experience-giving mod, a very simple coating to provide present Doom two mods their particular awareness of development, however when Eternal has been declared, the mod changed to a strange projection of the then unreleased Doom match.

Early in Doom EXP’s rapid transformation, mod founder Officer_D utilized community-made Doom 2 resources based on what was shown in Doom Eternal so much –such as the fire belch, the crucible blade, along with the typical weapons, but with upgraded versions and crosshairs–he dropped them to Doom EXP. Movement skills like the dashboard, double jump, and super shotgun’s meathook taken over. You may even execute glory kills and recover ammo using the chainsaw.

However, EXP has been enlarged into a crazy, agile, enabling arcade shoot on Doom 2, using much more movement skills, alternate fire modes, enemies, and enemy behaviours than Eternal. The 2.5 upgrade seals the bargain with all the Cryobow, which fires frost bolts. Yeah, there is an elemental damage method, so only imagine packaging in a few more choices into each millisecond of Eternal and you will find an notion of the complexity within EXP up to now.

Murder enough allies and you’re able to purchase the brand new Glacier Smash and Phoenix Dash strikes. The prior is a floor pound which leaves behind a frosty AoE, and the latter sends a fiery Doomguy ahead. In a simpler homage into Eternal, Cacodemons will choke on shotgun grenades in EXP and immediately open up themselves to get a glory kill. Pain Elementals choke, also! If I could make one floating eyeball guy gulp a grenade down with a cartoonish blorp, I ought to be able to take action to all distant eyeball men. It is only science, ya understand?

Aside from the marquee developments, Doom EXP’s 2.5 upgrade has a few new features and bug fixes, a few of which are fairly wild from context. I will list some below, however for the complete shebang and to try out Doom EXP out on your own, have a look at the mod site .

– Punch wall impacts included.
– Fists can no more be dropped.
– Cleaned up a spaghetti code.
– Bug fixed with ammo drops out of poop not providing ammo.


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