Rainbow Six Extraction ( formerly Rainbow Six Quarantine), was delayed by COVID-19 in October 2020. The new co-op experience will now have a new release window. This is due to more pushback. Ubisoft confirmed that Rainbow Six Extraction will be delayed until 2022.

To update the fans about the current status of the game, the Ubisoft Extraction team visited the blog. Ubisoft Extraction wants to ensure that all the unique features are working as intended. This is to provide a seamless online experience for anyone who wishes to play the game. The full statement can be found here: “Our aim with Rainbow Six Extraction was to create a fully-fledged AAA game that will change the way you think and play cooperative games.” Each mission will be challenging and tense, with unique features such as Missing In Action and The Sprawl. You’ll be leading Rainbow Six’s elite operators in the fight against an evolving and lethal alien threat.

Delays can be a problem, especially for titles that are very hyped, but it’s encouraging to see more studios admit they need more time than pushing a product out the door. Instead of becoming dependent on day one patches, it’s better to accept delays. Online games are notorious for bugs and performance issues. However, ensuring the build is in the right state can help ensure a smoother launch. These server problems are often also common…

Ubisoft appears confident that the experience will be available by January 2022. This is a good thing.


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