Last time we met Bloodborne PSX Lilith Walther, the developer of the mysterious From Software slasher. It was looking promising, though a bit rough. Six months later, the developer has provided us with a glimpse at Bloodborne’s first steps on PC.

Walther shared a youtube clip that showed an early boss fight with Father Gascoigne. Although the resolution is lower and the models are smaller, the audio is fuzzier, it captures the essence of FromSoft’s original beautifully. The opening scene has been faithfully recreated using low-fidelity flair.

It doesn’t look or play like a PS1 game. Walther seems to have perfected the fast-paced combat style of Bloodborne. He dodges attacks and masters parries before launching a counter that is well-timed.

Since the launch of Bloodborne for PlayStation in 2015, it has been a dream come true for many. Since the PlayStation exclusive launched in 2015, Bloodborne has been a dream for many. But, in a way, it’s even more exciting to see it make its way to desktops in this form, with the aesthetics of a growing movement to bringback PS1-style visuals.

Walther acknowledged that there are still animations and the fog wall barrier to be implemented. The complete demake will not be able to recreate all of Bloodborne. However, current plans call for a recreation of the Gascoigne fight or push towards Vicar Amelia, depending on how things turn out. Bloodborne PSX will still be available for download once it’s finished.


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