The best piece of Metal Gear Solid V (ie, strapping balloons on unsuspecting soldiers, sheep and transport containers) is coming into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, by means of a fresh”Emergency Pickup” thing that will allow you to fling your whole group skywards.

Now working on the PUBG public test servers, patch 11.1 presents a deployable fulton balloon to you along with your teammates. Comparable to something such as Apex Legends’ redeploy balloons, the Emergency Pickup deployable provides you a shot rapidly hurling yourself throughout the map.

Once installed, the balloon will maintain in the atmosphere for 60 seconds, allowing you and your crew strap yourselves in. After a moment, a plane will capture the Fulton, yanking your team to the atmosphere and making its way to the middle of the safe zone. At any given stage, you can leap away and parachute back to earth–and also you may want to, believing you could be taken down at any given stage throughout the flight.

As a way of quickly decreasing danger, it seems fantastic. But I’d be keen on watching PUBG lean further into Metal Gear-style antics. Allow me to a balloon on a downed foe and send them flying off beyond the ring. That would be a laugh.

PUBG Corp says it has been rethinking the manner map rotations operate, also has determined to maintain Erangel and Miramar as permanent fixtures while the remaining maps cycle in and out of those three remaining areas.

“We all know our players have very different preferences when it comes to map dimensions, but the consensus has been in favour of the big 8×8 channels,” PUBG Corp wrote. “Cycling maps out gives us the chance to work on them somewhat for if they make their return”


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