The newest (and perhaps nerdiest) build in Valheim brings Star Wars to the Viking-themed survival game, as an AT-AT now protects a player’s base.

Using the force and a little elbow grease, a Valheim participant constructed a massive Star Wars AT-AT to protect their foundation from a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Valheim’s popularity shows no signs of quitting as gamers continue to outdo themselves with huge builds. Regardless of the fact that enormous builds drop Valheim’s framework speeds , players continue to meticulously produce incredible structures, bringing their creativity to virtual life. Now, a participant brings Star Wars into the Viking world with the Most Recent jaw-dropping build.

Valheim assembles have regularly come with utility, as gamers use the construct system in genius methods to obtain an advantage in the dangerous game universe. Players have assembled sundials to tell time, honeycombs to keep bees joyful, and have engineered spiral staircases which make tower construction more effective for protection. In a recent construct, a participant ensures the protection of the well-earned loot, and the job has just been unveiled.

Reddit user Mctavern revealed their Star Wars AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) build in Valheim, one which may just be essential to frighten creatures and keep them away from valuable loot. The AT-AT towers over the player and seems almost identical to the space technology used by the Imperials at Star Wars. While there won’t be powerful blasts spouting in the guns at the mouth of this machine, it still looks terrifying to prospective raiders.

While the construct could be a great storage space for chests, the true efficacy of the construct is fairly low. Considering that the AT-AT can not move and there were not blasters in the Viking era, all of the AT-AT may do is send waves of fear through the hearts of enemies, like in the battle of Hoth. It may succeed in keeping Valheim Greylings from committing home invasion, but it might not protect bases from full-on Troll attacks. Nonetheless, the AT-AT makes a great place to keep through raids, giving a perfect vantage point to rain arrows on enemies.

Star Wars fans can eventually bring a part of the galaxy far, far away to Valheim, as Mctavern has proved what’s possible if a player places their head to a construct. Certain Valheim tips can make construction easier, so every player can get their own AT-AT in the home. Luckily, there won’t be some snow speeders wrapping strings round the AT-AT’s legs and giving it a mouthful of snow, but gamers should continue to be wary of wolves, trolls, and also any other Valheim monster seeking to shoot down the Empire.



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